SEO Link Building - The Key To A Successful Website



SEO link building will be the corner stone of all successful sites. Establishing effective links will be a serious problem and there are also some devious providers using "Black Hat" strategies to the detriment of customers. If the guidelines and rules as set down by search engines are followed, this is referred to as "White Hat" linking.


Before the existence of the World Wide Web, we had a huge yellow book with all the important phone numbers stored in it. We often used it to look up names or numbers of businesses, organisations or individuals. These books were referred to as "telephone directories" and still exist today, just that they are pretty old fashioned for the contemporary world.


When starting an SEO campaign, the first thing a SEO consultant or expert is bound to say is do your keyword research. But how do you do this? If you hardly know about SEO, you'll probably assume that those keywords can be guessed by having a simple understanding of what people type into a search engine; however, this is not the case as it's a little more complicated than just guessing.