Flash Is Bad for SEO Google Rankings and Other SEO Myths



When companies get down to brass tacks and try to decide how they wish to deal with their SEO needs, it's usually the IT department guys that get landed with the responsibility. But does this make any sense? Certainly SEO, Google and the rest of it has to do with computers and the Internet.


This year is going to be kind of an important one for SEO. It is going to be the year that video finally emerges from the shadows as a luxury to have on webpages and takes its place as a central feature of all webpages and therefore of all SEO. The most with-it websites have already found ways to get high quality video content produced on a regular basis, and they pump regularly updated videos all across their websites like automation.


Local search engine optimization is the art of optimizing your website layout and keywords and content to attract maximum visitors. The first step is to make your site more visible by getting it to the top of search listings.